Board of Director

The Board of Directors performs actions related to management for the Company’s interest and goals. The duty and responsibilities taken are stipulating policy in leading and managing the Company, composing management accountability report, controlling the Resources in an effective and efficient manner, preparing work and development plan, and ensuring a consistent implementation of GCG.

An individual is eligible to be appointed as member of the Board of Directors by the following criteria: an individual who meets the requirements pursuant to the prevailing regulations, is capable of performing legal acts which and otherwise never been declared bankrupt, is not a member of Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners which is found guilty and prompt bankruptcy, or an individual who has never been convicted of criminal act resulting in state financial loss within 5 (five) years prior to his appointment. The Company shall employ an Independent Commissioner pursuant to the prevailing regulations.

The Board of Directors is a Company’s instrument collegially serves and takes responsibility in managing the Company. The Board of Directors’ main duty is to take action and represent for and on behalf of the Company. The Board of Directors performs its duty to achieve the vision and mission by ensuring an optimum performance of the Company.

The terms of office for members of Board of Directors is 5 years and may at any time be dismissed, based on reasonable consideration, after the aforementioned member is invited for an opportunity to defend oneself in the General Meeting of Shareholders. The terms of office of the Directors ceases if passes away, at the end of his term, dismissed pursuant to the resolution of General Meeting of Shareholders, resigns, declared bankrupt or being placed under guard based on Court ruling, and no longer eligible as members of the Board of Directors pursuant to the Articles of Association and prevailing rules and regulations.

Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors meeting is held at any time whenever deemed necessary based on request from one or more members of Board of Directors or by written request from one or more members of Board of Commissioners. Any matter discussed and resolved in the Meeting shall be recorded in Meeting Minutes and be read aloud and confirmed to all attendants prior to its execution by Chairman of the Meeting and the appointed Director. This Meeting is held in the Company’s domicile or in the location where main business activities are held within the scope of Republic of Indonesia.

In a year, the Board of Directors held minimum of 12 (twelve) internal meetings and 4 (four) joint meetings with the Board of Commissioners.

The Board of Directors manages the Company based on the Board Manual of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors. Board Manual consists of guidelines of work governance of the Board of Directors and its activity stages in a structural, systematic and understandable manner, as well as consistently implemented.