We Strive to be The Responsible Choice for People, Planet and Prosperity

We start with the knowledge that our resources are finite and that people matter, that we cannot continue to conduct our business in the traditional linear model. Therefore sustainability is an integral part of how we conduct our operations and we subscribe to these key tenets of sustainability practise.


A culture of transparency and accountability, environmental stewardship, social inclusion and a commitment to best practises.

We realise that we need to work with our supply chain and various stakeholders to bring about sustainable sourcing in line with our NDPE commitments and positive impacts on the ground, where it truly matters. Ultimately we share the vision where oil palm, the environment, and local communities can co-exist in harmony.

  • Environmental Stewardship
    Environmental Stewardship

    DSN Group is committed to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation, mitigation of climate change impacts, and sustainable practices. We seek as much as possible to eliminate waste & pollution and regenerate natural systems to mitigate and reduce our impact to the environment.

  • Best Practice
    Best Practice

    Compliance with the principles of good agricultural practises is one of the pillars of sustainable cultivation. At DSN Group, we are committed to applying the industry best practises to every level of our palm oil cultivation and production processes to achieve the highest possible yield with the minimum impact to the environment and the community around our operations.

  • Culture of Transparency & Accountability
    Culture of Transparency & Accountability

    We are committed to building a culture of transparency and accountability. This is the key to building bilateral trust between the company and all its stakeholders.

  • Social Inclusion
    Social Inclusion

    One of the philosophies of DSN Group founder is that if the company wants to prosper, we must make the people prosperous. Building from that, DSN Group strives to empower the communities wherever we operate to be able to collectively enjoy the prosperity that global markets offer us in a sustainable way.