Renewable Energy

In September 2020, DSNG commissioned the first BioCNG Plant. This project is one of DSNG’s commitments to implement the circular economy concept by minimizing palm oil mill waste and pollution, through sustainable resource use and regeneration of natural systems. The Bio-CNG facility was developed at the end of 2018, is a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while saving use of diesel fuel significantly.

A sustainable way of using energy

The Bio-CNG plant will generate electricity with a capacity of 2 x 0.6 MegaWatt, so that the total power produced is 1.2 MegaWatt. The electrical energy generated can be utilized for the processing of Palm Kernel Oil in the Kernel Crushing Plant (KCP) as well as the BioCNG Plant process itself.

0 liters DIESEL SAVED PER YEAR WITH bio-cng program

Compressed Gas in Tubes

DSN produces Biomethane Compressed Natural Gas with the capacity of 280 m3 per hour which stored in a tube and packed in a safe way for workers and the environment. Bio-CNG in tubes will be distributed using trucks that also use Bio-CNG fuel to all emplacements (employee housing) and other Palm Oil Mill (POM) of the Company in Muara Wahau area to be used as replacement fuel for conventional solar power plants.