Internal Control System

  1. The board of Director develop a Company’s internal control system to ensure effective function of company’s investment and assets control. The company’s internal control system developed around subjects as follows:
    • Disciplined and structured Company’s internal control environment;
    • Business risk analysis and management, a process to identify, analyze, assess and manage any relevan business risks;
    • Information and communication systems in the process of reporting operation, financial, and compliance  in accordance with the Company’s rules;
    • Monitoring as a process of assessing the quality of internal control system including the internal audit function at every level and structure unit of Company’s organization;
    • Internal Control System Development including the above, require Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each company’s activities. Such SOP shall be prepared for action plan preparation, operation procedure, records, reporting, employee welfare development as well as internal review on both of production aspects, marketing, financial and any other business development aspects.
  2. Internal Audit assist the Board of Director in performing Company’s financial and operation internal audit as well as to audit the implementation of control, management and its implementation along with advise for any necessary correction; 
  3. The Board of Director follow up the report prepared by Internal Audit Unit;
  4. Audit Committee audit any implementation within the company’s business and the result submitted by Internal Audit, make recommendation on management control system refinement, ensure the implementation of satisfying review procedure on any information released by the Company and identified any issues which require special attention by the Board of Commissioner.