Fire Handling

Besides monitoring the conservation areas, DSN Group also actively conducts prevention and control of forest and land fires which generally consist of prevention, firefighting, and post-fire handling.

Prevention: Preparation of Work Plan & Budget of Forest and Land Fire, Hotspot Monitoring (including 1 km outside the concession boundary), Fire Hazard Map Provision, Fire Hazard Level Indicators, Patrol & Monitoring at the Fire Tower, TKTD Team Formation, Training, Provision of Forest and Land Fire Infrastructure, Extinguishing Simulations, Socialization including approaches to assisted villagers living around the company.

To prevent land and forest fires inside and outside the concession area, we also make efforts to arrange socialization with the community and with our suppliers to also implement zero burning for area clearing. 

The number of hotspots monitored during 2019 can be seen here.    


Firefighting: Quick reaction of firefighting when found hotspots, Preparation of fire reports, Reporting to the local Village Head, District Leadership Forum, Plantation Service & Environmental Office

Post-Fire Handling: evaluation of fire reports to find the causes of fire, the effectiveness of handling & systems/procedures; rehabilitation of burned areas.