Organic Fertilizer

DSN Group is committed to best management practices and industry standards for soils and peat. Our soil management practice go beyond soil conservation (such a planting of leguminous cover crops) and nutrient analysis using leaf sampling, it includes ensuring all of the organic materials or organic fertilizers used in the DSN Group oil palm plantations are in-situ materials, which are in the form of empty fruit bunches, POME, and solid. The use is through best practices, such as Land Application, mulching, and silt pits.

The recommended dose of empty fruit bunches is 40 tons/ha per year applied between palm with a maximum thickness of 2 layers.  

POME is applied from the last pond with BOD < 5000 at a dose of 750-1250 tons/ha per year which is applied in 3-4 rotations per year. Solid waste is applied in the silt pit at a dose of 100 kg per palm.

Utilization of other in-situ organic materials, such as fronds and dried male flower bunches is carried out following procedures through basic sanitation work and periodic replanting.

The addition of organic fertilizers is one part of the “Best Management Practices” to maintain and increase soil fertility, especially marginal soils, such as sandy soils or other soil types with very low organic matter content. Best Management Practices are adjusted to soil types and land conditions. 

Our commitment for best management practices on soils and peat applies to all of our suppliers.