Habitat, HCV & River Buffer Zone Protection

DSN Group is committed to protecting High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV) forests, including riparian zones as well as the following :

  • DSN Group does not carry out any development of land with high carbon or conservation value and peatlands.
  • DSN Group respect the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities in line with its NDPE Policy.
  • DSN Group also actively monitors the conservation areas in an effort to proactively protect these valuable ecosystems.
  • DSN Group as a member of RSPO, therefore is committed to RSPO's No Deforestation commitment as prescribed in its P&C 2018 Standard.

We are committed to the monitoring of threats to conservation areas (as defined in our NDPE policy) in and around our operations seriously. As part of our strategy to prevent encroachments into such areas, we consistently advocate socialisation and engagement with communities and our supply chain around our operations.

Further, our commitment with &Green require us, in the off-concession areas, to emphasize the protection of the forest left standing outside the concessions through its NDPE implementation strategy, as defined in its Landscape Protection Plan. On-concession, DSN Group is also protecting and maintaining over 4,000 ha of forest in all concessions, including high conservation value (HCV) and riparian buffers, in East Kalimantan. Furthermore, DSN Group is restoring small areas of degraded forest. This is reflected in our &Green commitment. https://www.andgreen.fund/portfolio-pt-dharma-satya-nusantara-tbk-dsng/

This commitment to restore or rehabilitate non-compliant deforestation or HCV Loss applies to our suppliers and supply chain.

We have had experiences where we had detected encroachments by local communities in our conservation areas and we continue to engage with the local communities to prevent any further encroachments.

Since 2015, the DSN Group has only developed plantations after the completion of HCV and HCSA assessments, as well as other mandatory studies required by national and local regulations, such as AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis), SIA (Social Impact Analysis). This complements our commitment as a responsible member of the RSPO which requires that the HCV and HCS assessments be carried out by ALS-HCVRN (HCV and HCS) licensed assessors. This commitment applies to all our suppliers and supply chain as per NDPE Policy.

Since the peer review of the HCV report was carried out by the HCVRN, there have been 2 plantations of DSN Group that have received satisfactory status from the HCVRN, and have also conducted HCSA studies and have been registered on the HCSA website (Status: Completed Peer Review Assessment).