Our Supply Chain and Landscapes

DSN Group manages 15 oil palm plantation estates cover gross area of 112,415 ha together with 10 CPO mills that produce 610,050 tons of CPO in 2019 and one Kernel Crushing Plant (KCP). These 15 plantations are grouped into 8 landscapes: -

Bulungan in North Kalimantan, Wahau, Bengalon, Karangan and Mahakam in East Kalimantan, Lamandau in Central Kalimantan and Ketungau dan Sintang in West Kalimantan.


Based on those landscapes, we have identified our supply chain for Fresh Fruit Bunch that constitutes approximately 66% from own plantation, 13% from plasma and 21% from external sources.  Further this FFB 3rd party supply chain supply chain can be categorised into :

  • Independent Plantation Companies;  
  • Smallholders via SAPRODI Co-operatives;  
  • Smallholder via External Cooperatives;  
  • Smallholder via Agents.

While the we expect Independent Plantation Companies to have better capabilities to comply with our NDPE policies, the smallholders and as well as the FFB agents will have more challenges to comply and therein DSN Group shall specifically play a proactive role to engage with the smallholders and agents to as much as possible ensure inclusion and where necessary offer assistance to those that are most vulnerable.