Conservation and Biodiversity

As a company engaged in natural-based resources processing, the Company has commitment in environtment preservation. The commitment is showed by the company to allocated some concession area to conservation.

As of end of 2017, the total conservation area managed by the Company laid more than 3.000 hectares.  Besides bering the habitat of various type of flora, the conservation area located in our plantation also has the benefit as environmental service providers, which support the life of different types of sedentary or migrant fauna.

Conservation area management at our plantation consists three aspects namely Protection and Maintenance, sustainable Utilization, and Education and Campaign.

Protection Aspects cover setup and security activities in conservation area. This security effort is not only conducted by patrolling and putting up prohibition signs on conservation, but also with efforts to give an understanding and invitation to every employee and community around about the importance to keep sustainability of bidiversity in the conservation area.

Conservation maintenance includes habitat enrichment and biodiversity monitoring. Some existing conservation acreages in Cultivation Rights of DSN are in the form of secondary forest in the process of natural succession.

Habitat enrichment is intended to speed up the process of succession and restore conservation acreage function as its original condition. Enrichment activity is in the form of replanting of Kalimantan native forest trees species such as meranti and keruing, and fruit trees.

Besides direct survey, animal observations are also carried out by installing animal supervisory camera to document the different types of animals that exist in DSN conservation area. In addition, types of biodiversity that exist in the conservation forest are periodically monitored to find out their development.

The aspects of conservation utilization are more directed towards the utilization for the purposes of education and learning.  Education and Campaign are carried out to employees and local communities to support the efforts of DSN in conserving the existing bidiversity. Three aspects of conservation management are also the basis in managing the existing HCV in the Company’s plantation.