Education Empowerement

The Company has actively involved in growing the learning interest, literature and increase educational quality, both in the area surrounding the plantations and villages outside the area. The target of these activities are school-age students, teachers, young people, elderly, public figures in communities and school.

Some educational collaborations have been conducted, including with Sanata Dharma University (USD), Yogyakarta, e.g. continue to provide technical assistance for the development of learning center integrated with the activities of Olympic elementary school in Muara Wahau District.

The Olympic activities are run involving school teachers and communities, which were held in elementary schools, both inside and outside plantation or village around the Company operation area.

In 2017, the Company organized the fifth Olympic Elementary School involving 14 elementary schools in the plantation area or the villages around operational area. The Olympic activities were held in SD 006 Muara Wahau, Muara Wahau Village, Muara Wahau Subdistrict on November 2017.

The Company also support sustainable non-formal educational activities in collaboration with communities in the villages surrounding the operation area, such as through Learning Center (Rumah Belajar/RB), Al Quran Learning Center (TPA) and Sunday School.

Rumah Belajar activities continue to be developed in the villages around the operation area, such as in Kutai Timur Regency, Bulungan District, Sintang District and in Sekadau District.

The Company also provides services for alternative education activities for children of Dayak Punan Tribe in Longsep Hamlet, Miau Baru Village, Kong Beng Subdistrict and Wonomulyo Village, Tanjung Palas Timur Subdistrict, Bulungan.

Other support for education, including the provision of scholarships, School bus, incentives for teachers in some elementary schools, comparative study, such as comparative study to literacy activist institution Mata Aksara, in Sleman District and Taman Bacaan Sanggar Anak Alam, Bantul Regency in June 2017.