We are committed to grow and developing together with the community. This commitment has been consistently upheld since our establishment 30 years ago through partnerships and activities to empower the community


Education Empowerement

The Company has actively involved in growing the learning interest, literature and increase educational quality, both in the surrounding area and villages outside the area.


Product Responsibility

The Company gave significant attention on product and service quality for customers. As DSN regards the customers as partners in future business development.


Village Good Governance

The development and progress of the villager is related to the quality of local government in the management of local potentials and assets and public services.


Employment, Health and Safety

We put forward Occupational Health and Safety and Environment (K3L) aspects as our main priority to protect all employees while they perform business activities.


Community Income Empowerement

The Company has run a sustainable economic development in the operation area along with the socioeconomic partnership with the stakeholders.


Local Indegenous Preservation

In accordance with the corporate value, the Company committed to support the maintenance and reservation of local culture in strengtening the partnership between the company and the people.