The Principles of Our CSR

One of the founder’s philosophy is that if the company wants to prosper,  we must make the people prosper. Such philosophy become the mindset of all social care program believed by the company to take. Including corporate social responsibility.

The company put emphasize on long-term program, with expectation for more solid contribution and sustainable to the welfare of employee’s and the people at large; which in turn shall create positive impact to the company. The company also focused on human resources quality development both concerning their education, mentality and their health through programs and activities. 

Corporate social responsibility is the Company’s business way of life. Corporate social responsibility activities is a social capital investment, which serve as foundation for sustainable partnership development between the company and its stakeholder, towards sustainable business for sustainable development.

The primary purpose of corporate social responsibility is to create harmonious partnership with key stakeholders in taking care of education, economic, socio-culture and surrounding-neighborhood. 

In general, CSR policies conducted in DSN Group are:

  • CSR as a social capital investment.

The company appreciates employees, communities, and environment through practices that are able to provide a significant contribution towards the fulfillment of the rights of future generations with the fair management of natural resources and human resources without discrimination and exploitation to achieve sustainability.

  • CSR implementation approach is a participatory

To achieve the goal of growing with the communities, the company proactively provides opportunities for them to participate in running social and environmental responsibility by inviting, involving, enabling, engaging, and partnering.

  • CSR programs consider the balance of four key areas: education, economy, sociocultural, and housing environment.

Implementation of CSR programs are outlined in 4 fields as the embodiment of the three components of sustainable development, namely environment social governance as unity.

  • CSR as a way of life

 The company believes that social and environmental responsibility starts from the beginning of the company history. So that, the practices of the implementation of social and environmental responsibility are applied in all company operation chain from upstream to downstream.

We are committed to grow and developing together with the community. This commitment has been consistently upheld since our establishment 30 years ago through partnerships and activities to empower the community