Best Practices

Compliance with the principles of good agricultural practises is one of the pillars of sustainable cultivation. At DSN Group, we are committed to applying the industry best practises to every level of our palm oil cultivation and production processes to achieve the highest possible yield with the minimum impact to the environment and the community around our operations.

Besides covering cultivation activities and fresh fruit bunches and palm kernel processing, the Best Management Practices also cover conservation area management, biodiversity protection, and harmful impact minimalization on the environment. 


&Green Deliverables

DSN Group’s commitment to work with &Green to deliver Sustainability and Positive Outcomes is a step up from its stellar track record of sustainable and inclusive palm oil production.


DSN Group is committed to the principles of responsible investment. We will invest continually to reduce or mitigate our impact to the environment and bring positive impact to the community where we operate.

Responsible and Inclusive Employment

At DSN Group, we take our responsibility to provide a safe work environment, good livelihood, and development opportunities for all our workers and their families seriously.


We value feedback from all of our stakeholders. Their feedback is what we use to improve and make the necessary changes to the way we do things.

Commitment to reduce our Impact (Hazardous Chemicals & Pesticides)

In its application in the field and storage, we minimize contamination and pollution from fertilizers, use of pesticides and other chemicals. For this reason, we are in the process of using 100% bio-insecticide and natural enemies to control oil palm pests.