PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk and its subsidiaries (the “Company”) is committed to conducting its business in accordance with all applicable law and regulations.  The Company strives to operate with integrity and to always maintain the highest ethical standards.

The primary objectives of this policy are to support the Government programs in eradicating corruption and realizing the awareness of all parties to put forward an integrity and responsible business in accordance with good corporate governance. In addition, to prevent damages, both material and immaterial, that may affect the Company's operations.

Corruption can be defined and categorized as the behavior of the Company's people, either individuals or groups, who deliberately oppose the law, regulations and policies to enrich themselves or other people or groups that can harm the Company.

This policy applies to all employees, management, contract workers, and business partners.

Types of corruption behavior:

  1. Abusing the authority, opportunity or resources because of his/her job and/or position.
  2. Giving, receiving and/or promising something to another person or working partner both internally and externally with the intention to do something in his/her position that is contrary to his/her obligations.
  3. Stealing money, securities and/or other the Company’s assets that are stored because of their position, or helping and assisting other people to do so.
  4. Giving and/or receiving gifts or promises to from someone both internal and external because of their power or position.

The Company conducts strict sanctions against this policy, as follows:

  1. Dismiss employees dishonorably.
  2. Give a penalty higher than the loss due to corruption.
  3. Investigate the person concerned into the realm of law that applies in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

To support this policy, every employees in the Head Office and plantation sites, palm oil mills, wood products processing plants and other Company's  strategic business units must follow the provisions in this policy and communicate them to other parties to create a corporate culture in accordance with the Corporate Values ​​of the DSN Group.

The Company’s employees and external parties can participate in assisting efforts in prevention and eradication of corruption by informing corruption behaviors involving the Company via email:

The Company appreciates every employee and external parties who have assisted in efforts to prevent, eradicate, or disclose acts of corruption in accordance with Company policy.