Audit Committee

We have established an Audit Committee based on the The Board of Commissioner Decision Letter No. 001/ COM/X/2013 dated October 1, 2013.The duty of Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Commissioner in performing their supervisory function by giving feedback to the management on the duty in concern.

The duty and responsibility of audit committee are investigate Company’s financial information such as financial statement, action plan, and any other financial information, investigate Company’s compliance with the applicable law and regulation concerning capital market

Giving an independent opinion in the case of discrepancy exist between the management and the Accountant on the provided service, giving the feedback to the Board of Commissioner on the election of Accountant based on its independepency, its scope, and fee, investigating the Company’s risk management implementation.

Other duties are joint analysis with internal and external auditor concerning implementation activities coordination to ensure the thorougness and effective use of resources in concern, established a relationship with the Board of Director, Internal Audit and external auditor separately to discuss the issues requiring special attention.

For the year 2015, the Company’s Audit Committee has perform activities as a form of duty and responsibility implementation such as reviewing the interim and consolidated financial statements of the Company in 2015, provide recommendations to the Company regarding the comprehensive audit process in Agro and Wood Product Division for 2015, provide input on the Company’s plan to conduct stock split and provide a review of the policies and the latest Financial Service Authority (OJK) regulation and capital markets.