Sustainability Policy

At DSN Group, while our sustainability policy is our beacon to manage the way we do things, we also recognize that we must apply the same principles to our supply chain as a holistic approach to reduce or mitigate our impact to the environment and bring positive impact to the community where we operate.

We are committed to employ palm oil production practices that; are compliant with the national laws and regulations, are environmentally sound to effectively protect forests and biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and respect the rights of indigenous peoples, workers and local communities. In doing so, we strive to develop policies and operations to meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability and transparency as we seek to establish ourself as a leader in the industry. In this journey, the company’s actions will be guided by this policy.

We adopt this policy for all of our operations, all subsidiaries, joint ventures, any productive asset we own, invests in and manages, including plasma plantations managed and operated by us for the benefit of its smallholder farmers. We shall apply this policy throughout its supply chain, including, Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) suppliers, other suppliers and contractors associated with our palm oil activities.

Our sustainability policy covers:


We implement no-burning policy for our land clearing, both for new plantings and replanting. We also avoid new development in peatlands and areas with high carbon reserves through High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) and also committed to preserve areas that have High Conservation Value (HCV). We prevent environmental pollution around the plantations, utilize plantation waste to increase our productivity and using biological pest control to control pest and plant desease.

Human Rights and Social Security

We respect human rights by referring to the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights and support employee rights such as eliminating discrimination, prohibiting forced labor and child labor, provision of fair wages, respect and support the principle of gender equality and freedom of association in accordance with law and regulation of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition, we also respect the rights of indigenous and local communities, as well as other landowners in accordance with principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). Through our CSR programs, we are committed to empower our communities and partners.

Business Ethics

In our business relationship, we try to implement anti-corruption compliance, including bribery and extortion, and protecting whistle-blower and human rights defender.


We consider our palm oil supply chains are traceable and support our suppliers, particularly smallhoder and independent farmers, to manage their plantations in sustainable way.