SPOTT Ranking

As part of its commitment to transparency, DSN Group actively participates in the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT assessment conducted by Zoological Society of London (ZSL)). SPOTT is designed to measure the transparency of companies in public disclosures of best practices and sustainability commitments.

DSN Group recognizes that SPOTT provides a platform to promote industry transparency and accountability to drive the uptake and implementation of environmental and social best practices in high biodiversity impact sectors.

The DSN Group score in 2019 was 36.7 and was in the 46th place out of 99 companies assessed. For 2020, we had improved our score to 75.3 and DSN Group is now 16th on the SPOTT ranking. We are committed to further improve our ESG performance by using the SPOTT platform as a tool to monitor our progress with our peers.

The latest DSN Group SPOTT assessment can be accessed by clicking the image below.