Green Loan from &Green

DSN Group has signed a USD 30.0 million 10-year loan facility from Stichting (“&Green”), a globally-focused impact investment fund financing sustainable commodity production to protect tropical forests. DSN Group is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”) and is committed to managing, operating and producing certified, sustainable palm oil.

The second Indonesian investment of the &Green fund will catalyse the implementation of DSN Group’s ambitious No Deforestation No Peat No Exploitation (“NDPE”) strategy. Moreover, the long-term loan facility provides DSN Group the flexibility to diversify its sources of funding amidst a volatile global credit market backdrop impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSN Group will work with key stakeholders, such as government agencies, local and international NGOs, while recognizing that the success of the company’s ambition depends most importantly, on the continued constructive engagement of its community partners. In collaboration with &Green’s investment advisor, catalytic investment company SAIL Ventures, the project has produced a Landscape Protection Plan, which outlines the collaborative efforts in the landscapes defining DSN Group’s various concessions. Furthermore, an Environmental and Social Action Plan will help DSN Group navigate the complexities of implementing strategies to manage the concessions sustainably within dynamic social and economic settings.

LPP (Landscape Protection Plan)

Landscape Protection Plan is a sustainable land-use and management plan, which sets out the impacts generated during the financing period within the landscape or project area by considering “Environmental Return and Social Inclusion”.

DSNG Landscape Protection Plan

ESAP (Environmental & Social Action Plan)

ESAP is a comprehensive Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) following applicable standards, including national regulations regarding land acquisition, spatial planning, and environmental and social management plans, International Finance Corporation Performance Standards (IFC PSs) and Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil Principles and Criteria (RSPO P&C).
Based on the ESDD carried out in the DSN Group plantation in East Kalimantan (7 PT), there are 36 aspects that require improvement

DSNG Environmental & Social Action Plan