Responsible and Inclusive Employment

Safe Work Environment

One of our commitments and priorities to our workforce is to build an environment that ensures their health, safety and wellbeing at their workplace. We do that by consistently building awareness and practicing Operational Health and Safety (K3) throughout our operations. We also apply this commitment to our supply chain.

We routinely monitor and evaluate accidents. Our performance results regarding OSH 2019 are as follows:

  • Severity Rate Index (SR): 216.53
  • The Frequency Rate Index (FR): 3.43
  • The total number of hours lost due to work accidents are 83,840  hours (6 hours/ week) from  57,829,751 total working hours.
  • Number of fatal work accidents: 2
  • In 2019, one of our subsidiaries managed to achieve “Zero Accident”.

Our target of work for 2020 is to reduce accidents by at least 20%. To reduce the number of work accidents, we consistently apply the awareness of the principle that every worker has the right to return home safely. Our efforts include providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to all workers that is appropriate to the hazard identified for each type of activity. As well as conducting socialization, training, enforcement, regular review of policies on work safety & procedures and wherever possible, improve or engineer our processes to address potential hazards.

Good Livelihood and Opportunities Development

At DSN Group, we take our responsibility to provide a good livelihood and development opportunities for all our workers and their families seriously. All employees and workers in DSN Group are paid at least the applicable local minimum wage in line with legal regulations, and comprise basic pay as well as fixed and variable allowances.

Further, in DSN Group employees have the right to equal opportunity and treatment, regardless of race, colour, gender, age, social class, religion, sexual orientation, politics or disability. In 2019, DSN Group is proud to have :

  • Four women as part of our senior management, out of twenty five.
  • Two women as members of our Board of Directors, out of a total of seven, as per The Annual Report 2019
  • One woman as a member of our Board of  Commissioners, out of a total of nine, as per The Annual Report 2019

Since 2013, the Company has had an HR management system with fairly complete modules through the Human Capital Information System (HCIS) which is integrated at the location of the Jakarta head office with all its subsidiaries. The data management system is very important for the effective and efficient management of human resources.

HCIS has been used to manage employee profile databases, organizational management, employee performance appraisals, competency management, talent management, employee development planning, and reporting management.

The proportion of our female employee is 25%, then the permanent employee is 56%.