&Green Deliverables

DSN Group’s commitment to work with &Green to deliver Sustainability and Positive Outcomes is a step up from its stellar track record of sustainable and inclusive palm oil production. In making itself accountable to &Green and various stakeholders, DSN Group is now setting a high standard of transparency, which makes this company’s commitment to sustainable practices unique in the industry. 

As part of its commitment in ESAP and LPP, DSN Group is also committed towards: 

Resource Efficiency

Under ESAP, we will develop and implement plans to further increase the efficiency of fuel consumption and optimize renewable energy. These measures would complement our efforts to substitute the use of diesel fuel  with a renewable resource such as fiber and shells, as well as methane capture and BioCNG units for power generation and gas fuel production. We want to do more with less and in this journey we shall strive to report to our stakeholders our progress, especially with our efforts to increase the use of renewable energy and resources.


Productivity is a crucial element of sustainability. An increase in productivity (intensification) will directly and indirectly reduce area expansion/extensification which will increase the risk of deforestation.  As one of its intervention targets in the Landscape Protection Plan, DSN Group commits to continue driving production efficiencies and sustainable practices in order to maintain or increase the productivity of its nucleus and plasma plantations. More specifically, DSN Group has identified and is committing to implement additional measures to its regular production practices, and in specific concessions where there still is opportunity to improve and align productivity with the mature higher yielding plantation.  The average of nucleus plantation yield on 2019 is 23.64 ton FFB/ yr/ ha and  scheme smallholder is 14.81 ton FFB/ ha/yr.