Community Income Generating

The company consistently initiated community generating activities through various partnership, both in the scope of company’s business and other business. Such partnership is expected will enhance the people’s buying power to achieve their own welfare.

Plasm plantation partnership has been developed and grew up to 20 partnerships. Along with it is non-plasm plantation partnership which account 17 types of business and involving more than 100 local businessman of various intensity, both cooperatives, individual or community institutions, which are village and traditional institutions. Such partnership not only developed in Kecamatan Muara Wahau and Kongbeng, Kabupaten Kutai Timur, Kalimantan Timur Province, but also in Kecamatan Nangabulik and Lamandau, Kabupaten Lamandau, Kalimantan Tengah Province and Kecamatan Tanjung Palas Timur, Kabupaten Bulungan, Kalimatan Utara Province.   

In order to support the food security program, the company keep on promoting partnership with groups of farmer in the implementation of demonstration plot/demplot of organic rice using System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method. In 2015, the company partnered with Paguyuban Petani Pengembangan System of Rice Intensification (P3SRI) Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat Province has carried out training and comparative study of post-harvest rice management for Kelompok Tani Abadi Jaya, Desa Miau Baru, Kecamatan Kongbeng, Kabupaten Kutai Timur. The company’s follow up is the realization of rice purchasing scheme from Kelompok Tani Abadi Jaya to meet company’s demand in Sub-Business Agro I Muara Wahau, Kabupaten Kutai Timur.

Similar with organic farming, fresh water fisheries is keep on to be enhanced in the villages around Sub-Business Agro I Muara Wahau. In addition to fish farming, 2015 activities also focused on fish nurseries, especially catfish. The company partnered with Kelompok Budidaya Ikan Karya Bersama Desa Muara Wahau manage a fish nursery, which distribute baby catfish for free to the people as a stimulant for people catfish farming. 

Banana demplots has been developed in Desa Metun Sajau, Kecamatan Tanjung Palas Timur, Kabupaten Bulungan, Kalimantan Utara Province. Such demplots has yield and provide additional income for its owner and it serve as banana nursery to meet the demand for banana sprouts.

Community generating activities is promoted and empowered by the development of community or member financing institution in the form of credit union (CU). Currently the company has developed 3 CU, they are CU Mitra Mandiri and Blom Bea Ling in Kecamatan Muara Wahau, Kabupaten Kutai Timur, Kalimatan Timur Province, and CU Satu Hati in Kecamatan Tanjung Palas Timur, Kabupaten Bulungan, Kalimantan Utara Province. CU Mitra Mandiri and Blom Bea Ling, which has entered an independent phase and expanding coverage service area and partnership with many other entities.

In wood industry, the Company partnered with balsa farmers in Jawa Tengah and Jawa Timur for raw material supplies in a parthership business scheme.  Prior to such partnership the Company’s raw materials supply comes from people’s plantation (Hutan Tanaman Rakyat). The partnership has been proved going well and provide additional income for the farmer.