Conservation and Biodiversity

The company is a group of palm oil plantation with commitment in biodiversity conservation. As a prove of its commitment, since the first commencement of its plantation in PT Swakarsa Sinarsentosa in 1997, the company has allocated a part of its concession for conservational area.

Presently the total of conservation area provided by the company is more than 3.000 Ha. Such conservational area serve more than as the habitat for various flora, but also serve as environmental provider, which sustain the life of various local and migrated fauna.

In the management of its conservational area, the Company partnered with other third parties such as Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta to identified Flora Fauna Biodiversity. Based on the survey conducted by UGM in 2008, 73 types of birds  of various family and 23 mamals were identified. Whereas identified flora is even much richer, there are 353 types of 78 family. Some of them are rare and protected flora-fauna. 

The entire partnership program with educational entities in the management of conservational area is an efforts by DSN towards sustainable palm oil plantation management.

The conservational area management by DSN consists of three aspects such as Protection and Care, sustainable utilization as well as Education and Campaign. Protection aspect comprises of management and security of conservational area. Such security aspect is carried out not only by patrolling and placement of conservational area signs, but also through socialization to every employee and local people on the importance of biodiversity preservation in the conservational area.

Conservation efforts is implemented by habitat enrichment and biodiversity monitoring. Some of the conservational area in the area hold by DSN are a secondary forest which undergoes a natural succession.

The purpose of habitat enrichment is to accelerate the succession process and to return the conservational area to its original condition. Such enrichment done by afforestation of local trees from Kalimantan such as meranti and keruing, as well as various fruits.

The company partnered with farmer group Leteap Hig, Ds. Nehas Liah Bing – Dayak Wehea Traditional Institution in the supplies of young trees. They collect and seedling the local trees from Kalimantan for conservational purpose. Such young trees then purchased by DSN to be planted in its conservational area.

In addition to direct survey, fauna observation done also by camera to documen the animal inhabited the DSN conservational area. Moreover, a regular monitoring on biodiversity is carried out to track their progress.

Currently the conservation utilization aspect is focused on education and study purposes. Education and campaign is done to employee and the local people to support DNS in the preservation of local biodiversity. The three aspects of conservational management becomes the basis in the assessment of High Conservation Value or HCV in the company’s palm oil plantation.