Product Responsibility

The Company gave significant attention on product and service quality for customers. As DSN regards the customers as partners in future business development, numerous policies and SOP have been planned and implemented to maintain our products and services quality.

One of the policy implemented to meet our responsibility to the customers is by producing premium products with above-average quality. The Company has implemented numerous prime services to meet customer satisfaction. The Company pays utmost attention to specific aspects in CPO and wood production to attract consumers, such as establishing an image to emphasize a product’s quality, aside from complying with the responsibility for quality product procurement.

As Responsibility to the Customers, The Company has procured specific certification for product standards based on the country where the customer is making purchase from as part of its responsibility to customers. Additionally, for meeting the customers and other stakeholders’ interest, the Company also offers a method to deliver critiques and opinion at the official website, In official website, customers and stakeholders can find office address and telephone number of the Company.