Better Education Quality

In addition to full support towards education of Sekolah Dharma Satya Nusantara Utama of Dharma Satya Nusantara Utama Foundation, the company partnered with Universitas Sanata Dharma held Elementary School Science Olympics in Kecamatan Muara Wahau and Kongbeng, Kabupaten Kutai Timur, Kalimantan Timur Province. The olympic held yearly involving teachers and the people and started in 2014. In 2015, the olympic held in November 2015 in Muara Wahau State Elementary School No.3.

House to Learn (Rumah Belajar/RB) development in nearby village, both in Kalimantan Timur and Kalimantan Utara, is maintained always to promote the establishment of community learning center. This year, the company and Universitas Sanata Dharma has repeated the program of inviting college students to give assistance in its management and in book donations for the RB. They are RB Bintang Dusun Jabdan, Desa Muara Wahau, RB Petsot Sang Enggeh Blom Wehea Desa Nehas Liah Bing, RB Mitra Mulia Desa Muara Wahau and RB Pelangi Desa Diaq Lay.

Through PT Pilar Wanapersada, a company’s subsidiary, the more specific house to learn open its service in Desa Wonomulyo, Kecamatan Tanjung Palas Timur, Kabupaten Bulungan, Kalimantan Utara Province. RB Lentera Hati is for the children of Dayak Punan Tribe to learn what’s happened beyond their village, to learn what’s ethics used by the people beyond their village, to learn other kind of discipline and most of all to learn how to read and write as well as informal skills as an alternative to formal education which may be deemed as not fit for the aboriginal character of the tribe. 

In addition to the aforementioned activities, the company give scholarships for any level of education. Among others, at high school level, the company partnered with Dharma Satya Nusantara Foundation sent 8 students to Akademi Siswa Bangsa Internasional (ASBI) which managed by Poetra Sampoerna Foundation. The company also give scholarships to 4 students from local village around Sub-Business Agro I in Muara Wahau to study teaching science in Universitas Sanata Dharma.

Routinely the company provide transportation facilities to children from both within and beyond the operational area or from local villages around the operational area.

In wood processing industry, the Company is developing a training program for wood workers in the local neigbourhood. Currently the Company is preparing a learning concept of wood processing for vocational school (SMK) to advance the student’s knowledge in wood related sciences.