Village Good Governance

The development and progress of the villager is related to the quality of local government in the management of local potentials and assets and public services. The Company believed that business will not create significant impact to the expected growth and advancement without good and clean government. Accordingly the company initiated a local government capacity building through joint study on village governance and workshop on need assesment of village governance.  

It is expeced that such capacity building should create significant impact to the services provide by local government which accountable and transparent, promoting better service of local government to the people and its role in local issues as well as in partnership building with third parties, including partnership with the company. 

Joint Study of Village Governance started in November 2014, followed by similar activities from January to November 2015. The village targeted by such activities are villages with national achievement in Kabupaten Bantul, Kulonprogo, and Sleman of Yogyakarta Province. The participants are local government officers of Desa Muara Wahau, Desa Diak Lay, Desa Nehas Liah Bing, Desa Dea Beq, Desa Bean Nehas Kecamatan Muara Wahau and Desa Miau Baru, Kecamatan Kongbeng, Kabupaten Kutai Timur, Kalimantan Timur Province. After which are local government officers of Desa Tamiang, Kecamatan Nangabulik, Kabupaten Lamandau, Kalimantan Tengah Province. Whereas Workshop on Need Assessment of Village Governance held in Desa Muara Wahau, Desa Diaq Lay, Desa Nehas Liah Bing and Desa Miau Baru.