Eliminating Waste & Pollution

Core to the concept of a circular economy is the elimination of waste & pollution. We strive to continually reduce our own waste & pollution in our daily operation consistent with the industry standards as well as local and national regulations. Various certifications we have obtained are a testament to our continued efforts to reduce waste and pollution. Simply put, we want to do more with less. This also includes avoiding development in sensitive ecosystems or valuable cultural heritage areas and working with our supply chain to ensure traceability & compliance to our NDPE policy.  

Certifications (RSPO, ISPO, ISCC)

Certifications are an important aspect in our sustainability journey, which provides independent assessment of our sustainable practices.

Habitat, HCV & River Buffer Zone Protection

DSN Group is committed to protecting High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV) forests, including riparian zones.

IUCN Redlist

In the context of protecting biodiversity, we are also committed to preserving protected species based on Indonesian government regulations, as well as rare, threatened, and endangered species listed on the “IUCN Red List”.


Traceability is an important first step for DSN Group in building relationships with third-party suppliers. Through involvements and efforts to get their trust, we have been on the right track in our supply chain transformation.


Compliance with laws and regulations regarding environmental management is manifested in DSN Group participation in the Proper organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Fire Handling

Besides monitoring the conservation areas, DSN Group also actively conducts prevention and control of forest and land fires which generally consist of prevention, firefighting, and post-fire handling.