Environmental Stewardship

DSN Group is committed to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation, mitigation of climate change impacts, and sustainable practices. We seek as much as possible to eliminate waste & pollution and regenerate natural systems to mitigate and reduce our impact to the environment.

In line with these commitments, DSN Group regularly monitors and implements measures to mitigate and reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

The monitoring of GHG emissions is carried out by calculating the emissions periodically. Based on the results of the “RSPO GHG Calculator”, the average emission was 0.68 tons of CO2 eq/tons of CPO in 2019 compared 1.06 tons of CO2 eq/tons of CPO in 2018. Monitoring of GHG emissions for Land Use Change in every land clearing is also carried out in the submission of the Land Use Change Analysis of the Company to the RSPO and RSPO ACOP 6.1.1

Eliminating Waste & Pollution

Core to the concept of a circular economy is the elimination of waste & pollution. We strive to continually reduce our own waste & pollution in our daily operation consistent with the industry standards as well as local and national regulations. Various certifications we have obtained are a testament to our continued efforts to reduce waste and pollution.

Regenerating Natural Systems

Regeneration of natural systems is our commitment to avoid or minimize the use of non-renewable resources and preserve or increase renewable resources. Whether it is by integrating such byproducts back into our production process or reducing the use of non renewable resources such as fossil fuels in our operations, DSNG shall continually strive to innovate to find more applications for our renewable resources.