Traceability is an important first step for DSN Group in building relationships with third-party suppliers. Through involvements and efforts to get their trust, we have been on the right track in our supply chain transformation. Our efforts in this field are translated through “Engagement” programs and strategies, one of which is through our engagement with suppliers to share best practices and commitments.

DSN Group is establishing a traceable supply chain as a means of providing mutually sustainable agribusiness solutions in the supply chain. To achieve this, we are collaborating with our suppliers and buyers to build further understanding of sustainability, including the “NDPE Policy”. This is also to assist suppliers to adopt better and more sustainable practices in their own business.

We currently operate 10 palm oil mills that process fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from our own plantations as well as from third-party (external) suppliers. There are  4 mills that only resources  FFB from own plantations and schemes smallholders while the other mills also supplied from the third party. More than 5,000 external suppliers supply fresh fruit bunches to our palm oil mills, and they are regularly monitored for their compliance with our sustainability Policy in their practice.

Until June 2020, traceability to plantation of our palm oil mills in DSN Group was above 90%. This is part of our efforts to meet full TTP (Traceability to Plantation) by the end of 2020.   

The table of Traceability to Plantation of DSN Group can be seen below.


DSN Group has 1 KCP (Kernel Crusher Plant), with 100% traceability to mill. The KCP of PT DSN has also been RSPO SCCS Certified since 2015. Thus, all palm kernel (PK) supplier data have been recorded. In 2019, all PKs for our KCP Mill are supplied from internal PKS (own mills).