IUCN Redlist

Still in the context of protecting biodiversity, we are also committed to preserving protected species based on Indonesian government regulations, as well as rare, threatened, and endangered species listed on the “IUCN Red List”.  We also strictly forbid our employees and suppliers to hunt, distribute, trade, breed, injure, or kill other species on the plantations of DSN Group, except hunting by the local community for the purpose of meeting needs which does not cause a decline in the population of local species.

As a guideline in its implementation, DSN Group also has a “Conservation of Protected Plants and Animals” procedure. The list of protected species that are in the conservation area in a certain location is obtained from the results of the HCV/HCS Assessment, in which one of the references is the IUCN Red List.

The socialization of the procedure and list mentioned above is conducted in some ways, including by installing warning boards and pictures of protected animals, face-to-face socialization with the employees, student, and communities around the plantations.