Certifications (RSPO, ISPO, ISCC)

Certifications provides us a benchmark for our internal operations globally against various national and international sustainability standards and certifications to support the trade of sustainable palm oil.

Until 2019, there have been 8 mills and 7 plantations (PT SWA, PT DAN, PT DIN, PT DWT, PT PWP, PT BPN, and PT BAS) that have received ISPO certificates.

As an RSPO member, DSN Group also carries out RSPO certification for its palm oil mills and plantations of its suppliers. Starting from the RSPO PKS1 certification with the plantation of PT Swakarsa SinarSentosa as a supplier in 2013, as of December 2019, it has developed to 5 palm oil mills with 4 PTs (PT SWA, PT DAN, PT DIN, and PT DWT) as the plantations of their suppliers. In addition, 6 plantations of the partnership (scheme smallholders) have also received an RSPO certificate.

To process the kernels produced by palm oil mills, DSN Group also has 1 Crushing Plan (KCP) which has received an SCCS RSPO certificate since 2015. This KCP is in one integrated location with our palm oil mills in Wahau, East Kalimantan, therefore is supplied exclusively with Kernels from our Group’s palm oil mills only as well as powered with renewable energy from our Methane Capture plant.

Another certification that has been followed is ISCC, in which 1 mill and 3 plantations (PT SWA, PT DAN, PT DIN) have received ISCC certificates. (https://www.iscc-system.org/certificates/valid-certificates/)

The RSPO and ISPO certifications are also the efforts of DSN Group to always make improvements to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance.

ISPO Certification Journey


RSPO Certification Journey



The certificates can be seen here