NDPE Policy

Our journey in Sustainability would not have been complete without a comprehensive NDPE commitment. Formally adopted as part of our sustainability policy on 31st March 2020, renewing our commitment towards reducing environmental and social risks and impacts as well as preserving forests through sustainable palm oil production and sourcing.

Some of the principles of environmental sustainability explained in the NDPE Policy have been implemented in DSN Group in running its business since the company was founded.

The NDPE Policy can be seen here

By virtue of its NDPE policy the company prohibits any planting on peatland under any circumstances, and the Company had not conducted any planting on Peat. As of July 2020, we have declared to RSPO 125 ha of Peat which remains protected in our HCV area of PT Mitra Nusa Sarana.

The company is committed to perform best management practices for peatlands and soils within any of its lands consistent with RSPO’s principle 4 on the use of appropriate best practices by growers and millers.

Commitment to best management practices (BMPs)/good agricultural practices (GAP) for soils AND peat (or only soils if clearly states no peat in any operations). Reference to RSPO BMPs On Soils and Peat.