One of the founder’s philosophy is that if the company wants to prosper, we must make the people prosper. Such philosophy become the mindset of all social care program believed by the company to take. Including corporate social responsibility. The company put emphasize on long-term program, with expectation for more solid contribution and sustainable to the welfare of employee’s and the people at large; which in turn shall create positive impact to the company. The company also focused on human resources quality development both concerning their education, mentality and their health through programs and activities.

Corporate social responsibility activities is a social capital investment, which serve as foundation for sustainable partnership development between the company and its stakeholder, towards sustainable business for sustainable development.The primary purpose of corporate social responsibility is to create harmonious partnership with key stakeholders in taking care of education, economic, socio-culture and surrounding-neighborhood.

The basic approach of corporate social responsibility implementation is empowerment which founded on the principle of “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. The empowerment of key stakeholders, the people in particular, is implemented proactively by inviting, involving, engaging, and partnership between the company and the people as the goal.


We are committed to grow and developing together with the community. This commitment has been consistently upheld since our establishment 30 years ago through partnerships and activities aimed at empowering the community’s life


Product Responsibility

The Company gave significant attention on product and service quality for customers. As DSN regards the customers as partners in future business development, numerous policies and SOP have been pla...


Village Good Governance

The development and progress of the villager is related to the quality of local government in the management of local potentials and assets and public services. The Company believed that business w...


Employment, Health and Occupational Safety

We put forward Occupational Health and Safety and Environment (K3L) aspects as our main priority to protect all employees while they perform business activities. We consistently encourage our emplo...


Better Infrastructure and Public Facilities

At its base is the support of maintenance for public facilities, road and drainage in some access road to the village around the company’s operation which routinely carried out, both in Muara...


Better Education Quality

In addition to full support towards education of Sekolah Dharma Satya Nusantara Utama of Dharma Satya Nusantara Utama Foundation, the company partnered with Universitas Sanata Dharma held Elementar...


Community Income Generating

The company consistently initiated community generating activities through various partnership, both in the scope of company’s business and other business. Such partnership is expected will e...