DSNG Ranking Increased Significantly in SPOTT 2020

JAKARTA, NOVEMBER 11, 2020 - PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSNG) increased its ranking significantly to 16th with a score of 75.3% in the 2020 Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) ESG rating released online on Tuesday 10 November 2020 from London. Previous year DSNG was only ranked 46th with a score of 37.3%.
The SPOTT ranking is developed from a systematic online assessment on the disclosures of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) programs of some 100 global companies engaged in the oil palm plantation industry.
This year, DSNG is the palm oil company with the highest improvement in the 2020 SPOTT calculation, with a 38.7% increase. Notably for 2020, DSNG is the highest ranking for an Indonesian-based public listed palm oil company.
The President Director of DSNG, Andrianto Oetomo, said that the significant improvement in DSNG’s SPOTT rating score demonstrates our commitment to disclosing and managing our Environment, Social and Governance practices. In addition, he mentioned, DSNG is committed to further improve its ESG performance by using the SPOTT platform as a tool to monitor our progress with our peers.
“We are determined to integrate ESG in all aspects of our business as our way of doing business. All production processes in the palm oil and wood product business segments shall be implemented under a sustainability framework, so that our products are produced through good business practices and certified according to international standards. Not only that, the waste generated from the production process must also be utilized to generate economic benefits as well as benefits to the environment, "he said.
Previously, in September this year DSNG commissioned the first Bio-CNG Plant, illustrates the Company's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as converting the palm oil mill liquid waste into renewable energy.
DSNG also obtained a green loan facility of US $ 30 million from Stichting andgreen.fund (&Green), an investment institution focused on protecting tropical forests, through the implementation of the No Deforestation No Peat No Exploitation (NDPE) strategy.
SPOTT is an initiative developed by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). SPOTT is a Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit, an online platform supporting sustainable commodity production and trade. By tracking transparency, SPOTT incentivises the implementation of corporate best practice.
SPOTT assesses commodity producers, processors and traders on their public disclosure regarding their organisation, policies and practices related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. SPOTT scores tropical forestry, palm oil and natural rubber companies annually against over 100 sector-specific indicators to benchmark their progress over time.
Here is the link of the SPOTT assessment results: https://www.spott.org/palm-oil/
PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSN Group) was established on 29 September 1980 and engaged in palm oil and wood products industry. Currently, DSNG has planted area of112,450 hectares and 10 palm oil mills that process Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) into CPO with the capacity of 570 tons per hour. In wood product segment, DSNG has two wood processing plant in Central Java that produce panel and engineered floorings.
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