DSN and Daiken Inaugurated New Wood Product Plant

JAKARTA, 11 AUGUST 2016 - PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSN Group), through its subsidiary PT Dharma Sejahtera Nusantara (DSJN), today inaugurated a new wood product plant of PT Daiken Dharma Indonesia (DDI), a joint venture company  with Daiken Corporation, one of the largest wood products company in Japan.

The factory is located in Surabaya, with total area of ​​1.9 hectares. The inaugurated of the opening ceremory was jointly commenced by the CEO DSN Group Andrianto Oetomo and President & CEO Daiken Corporation of Japan, Mr. Masanori Okuda, and attended by the Consul General of Japan in Surabaya, Mr. Yoshiharu Kato.

DDI plant is a joint venture among four companies that had long experience in global  wood products, which are DSJN (subsidiary of DSN Group), Daiken Corporation of Japan, PT Marufuji Kenzai Indonesia and PT Suseta Daiken Indonesia. DDI will produce doors for local market.

DSN Group CEO, Mr. Andrianto Utomo, said on his welcoming speech that the plant inauguration started  both technology and market cooperation  between DSN Group and Daiken Japan.

“Daiken Corporation has experiences in management, operation and of technology as well as DSN Group in management support and human resources , PT Suseta Daiken Indonesia and PT Marufuji Kenzai Indonesia in supply and marketing distribution channel, became a major force in business cooperation in the future," said Mr. Andrianto Oetomo.

Furthermore, Mr Oetomo added, this new plant was a milestone for DSN Group which had a long journey to become one of the largest players in the wood products industry through this global strategic partnership.

“We hope this cooperation provide a mutually beneficial solution between the two sides. This cooperation can also become a technology transfer that is very important to us in developing this industry, “ he added.

Meanwhile, President Director of DDI Mr. Hiroki Takenaka, said DDI plant actually has been established since November 2015 and began producing door product in July 2016.

“We bring our experience  from Japan as well as technology, and will strive to make the Indonesian people's life better through manufacturing and marketing of doors,” Mr. Takenaka said.

Mr. Masanori Okuda, President & CEO Daiken Corporation said the technology and experience achieved by Daiken is one of the company’s pride. Daiken will continue to grab the potential market, especially in Asia, in accordance with the company’s medium and long-term plan.

“The establishment of DDI and construction of the door plant is the pioneer to achieve our medium-term business plan and our long term vision. We will take an advantage of it in order to realize our dream to make our life better,” Mr. Okuda said.


PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSN Group) was established on September 29, 1980. DSN Group is engaged in the palm oil industry and wood products. Currently, the Company had  palm oil plantations mostly located in East Kalimantan. While in wood product  industry, the Company had plants in East Java and Central Java, which manufactured wood panels, engineered door and engineered flooring.


Daiken Corporation is a Japanese company engaged in the building and home materials, especially indoor doors, flooring materials, MDF and insulation board. Daiken established since 70 years ago and  one of the biggest players in the building materials industry in Japan.


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