DSN Paid Dividends Rp 5 per share

Jakarta, June 2, 2016 - PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (the "Company") today held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM), followed by the Public Expose. The event took place at the Financial Hall, Graha Niaga CIMB, Jl. Sudirman Kav. 58, Jakarta 12190.

One of the agenda to be approved in the AGM is the use of Net Profit for the financial year ended 31 December 2015. Where the 2015 net profit of Rp 269.66 billion used to:
• Distributed as a cash dividend of Rp 5, - (five Rupiah) per share.
• Rp 20 billion will be used for the reserve fund.
• The remaining net profit recorded as retained earnings.

In addition, the AGM also approved the change of the board of the Company, the full board of the Company were as follows:

Board of Commissioners:
- President Commissioner: Subianto
- Commissioner: Adi Resanata Somadi Halim
- Commissioner: Adi Susanto
- Commissioner: Aron Yongky
- Commissioner: Djojo Boentoro
- Independent Commissioner: Stephen Z. Satyahadi
- Independent Commissioner: Edy Sugito
- Independent Commissioner: Danny Walla

Board of Directors:
- President Director: Andrianto Oetomo
- Director: Ricky Budiarto
- Director: Efendi Sulisetyo
- Director: Timotheus Arifin C
- Director: Agung Pramudji
- Director: Mochamad Koeswono
- Independent Director: Lucy Sycilia
- Independent Director: Lany Djuwita

In a Public Expose, which hosted by the President Director of the Company, Andrianto Oetomo, described the performance of the Company until March 2016.

As of December 31, 2015, the Company has 13 plantation estates, with total planted area reached 90,000 hectares, 6 palm oil mills and one other mill under construction with the mill total capacity of 2.3 million tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per year.

In the first quarter 2016, the Company posted net sales of Rp 780 billion, decreased by 23.8% compared to the first quarter of 2015 which reached Rp 1,024 billion. The decrease was an impact of weakening in CPO prices and lower CPO production due to El Nino in 2015 ago.

The company also explained the plan in 2016 with an opportunity to make acquisitions and strategic alliances with other estates to increase planted areas. In 2015, the Company has acquired 100% share  in PT Agro Andalan, oil palm plantations located in West Kalimantan.

Currently, the Company is also in the process to make a strategic alliance with PT REA Kaltim Plantations, a subsidiary of REA Holdings Plc. UK, which has a location near the Company’s estates in East Kalimantan. The Company intends to take over about 15% of the shares.


PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSN Group) was established on September 29, 1980. DSN Group is engaged in the palm oil industry and wood products. Currently, the Company owns  palm plantations mostly located in East Kalimantan. While in the timber industry, the Company has a wood-processing plant in East Java and Central Java, which manufactures wood panels, engineered door and engineered flooring.


Paulina Suryanti
Corporate Secretary
PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk
Jl. Rawa Gelam V Kav. OR / 3B
Pulogadung Industrial Estate
Jakarta 13930, Indonesia
Email: corporate.communications@dsngroup.co.id