Developing Sustainable Palm Oil Industry

In the last few years, the plantation and palm oil industry are the most developing sectors. This is due to the global population growth resulting in increasing amount of demand on palm oil as food sources as well as renewable resources. We are not wasting time to catch the opportunity and the result is that our company can succeed in palm oil industry.

We first managed palm oil plantation in Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan Province by establishing PT Dharma Agrotama Nusantara (DAN) and PT Dharma Intisawit Nugraha (DIN) as subsidiary entities in 1997. The action was followed by undergoing acquisitions on PT Swakarsa Sinar Sentosa (SWA) in 2001.

In 2002, SWA operated the first palm oil mill. The second one started to operating in 2010, continued by the third operating in 2011 while the next two mills operated in 2012.

As of the end of 2017, the Company has planted area about 90.3 thousand hectares. From that number, the total nucleus estates reached 69.4 thousand hectares while plasma estates reached 20.9 thousand hectares. In palm oil industry, our products are Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Kernel (PK), and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO).


We managed our first palm plantation field in the Province of East Kutai, East Kalimantan. We have 13 estates mostly located in East Kalimantan and other in Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. More than 50.000  hectares of our planted in East Kalimantan laid in one contiguous block.


In 2002, we ran our first palm oil mills, with the second mill operating in 2010, the third in 2011, and the fourth and the fifth mills in 2012. Now we own 7 palm oil with production capacity of 450 tons/hour.


We also have 1 Kernel Crusher Plant with production capacity of 200 tons palm kernel oil (PKO)/day or 60,000 tons PKO/year.

hectares planted area

hectares in one contiguous area

hectares plasma estates

hectares mature area